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C++: The Complete Reference


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Schildt’s Classic C++Reference – Now Updated to include the new features of the C++Standard.

The International Standard for C++ added many new libraries, keywords, and features to C++ — Learn about them all in this completely revised and updated Third Edition of Herb Schildt’s outstanding classic. In carefully organized chapters, you’ll find expertly-crafted explanations, insider tips, and hundreds of examples that describe and demonstrate every aspect of C++. And just as you’d expect, everything is presented in the clear, uncompromising style that has made Herb the choice of millions.

Whether you are a newcomer just learning C++ or an experienced pro coming up to speed on the new International Standard, you’ll find C++: The Complete Reference a lasting resource that will help you maximize your programming efforts. You’d expect nothing less from Herb Schildt, the world’s leading programming author. Covering the entire C++ language, the book is organized into five parts: the C subset — foundations of C++, C++, C++ Object Oriented features, the C++ Function Library, the C++ Class Library, and Applications.

You’ll find these topics and more inside:
* Classes and objects
* Constructors and deconstructors
* Virtual functions and inheritance
* The modern forms of new and delete
* Function overloading
* Operator overloading
* Runtime type ID (RTTI)
* Namespaces
* Templates
* Exception handling
* The new casting operators
* The new I/O library
* The Standard Template Library (STL)
* Algorithms, iterators, and predicates
* The principles of Object Oriented Programming

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