Shirdi Sai Baba Life History- ஷிர்டி சாய் பாபா வரலாறு

ஷிர்டி சாய் பாபா வரலாறு

As told by Baba to Laxman Mama, Das Ganu and Pradhan’s wife in their dreams on the next day of his Samadhi, he did not die. He only left the body. The divine Sai Power from that day till date is always alert, protecting the devotees. There are numerous incidents in support of this. Though Shirdi is the centre of the divine power of Sai Baba, the entire world is filled with this divine power . That is why Baba gives sakshatkar whenever and wherever his true devotees call him with devotion. In fact, the divine power of Sai is experienced more after Samadhi and there are several incidents to prove this fact. To think that Sai Baba of Shirdi died will be incorrect. He is alive even today. Some devotees may entertain doubts as to how to see Baba, how to hear his words and how to have his Grace, if he is alive. One with a pure heart should have complete faith in Baba. His Life History should be read with devotion frequently. From the moment a person wakes up in the morning, he should be informed of all the jobs to be done during that day. He must first offer to Baba what all are proposed to be enjoyed through the five senses. If Baba’s photo is in the house, he should think that he is one of the family members and do all service to him as done to other members, only then will Baba definitely reside in the house. This is cent per cent true. Worship with pomp and show is not required. He should install Sai Baba in his heart and merge in him. For such pious-devotees Baba will be a slave. His love for his devotees is so great. Those who have experienced Sai’s love and affection will not hesitate to offer their lives at the feet of Sai. His love cannot be explained in words. To imagine Sai’s power, our intellect is not enough.

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